DIY Wireless Bug(s)

Welcome on the DIY Wireless Bug(s) community website.

DIY Wireless bugs are small and cheap embedded devices used to build a simple wireless network. This website provides informations to build this kind of network.

Why another protocol / board ?

We decided to produce our own wireless protocol and board due to various facts :

  • Zigbee isn't an open protocol (requires licence)
  • No really opensource Zigbee stacks exist (we're not able to distribute them ..)
  • Most zigbee stacks are not hobbist friendly (requires special compilation tools, lot of code..)
  • Zigbee requires lot of flash/ram (96Ko used by bitcloud for example)
  • Zigbee boards aren't cheap 23$ for the basic XBee
  • Zigbee boards aren't hobbits friendly (requires some custom boards, connectors ..)
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